WRT 101 writing practice

a time when I lost trust in someone — OK, so the moment that is the most egregious, I think, was when an advisor in grad school slept with my boyfriend. Sounds so melodramatic and soap-opera-ish, but it happened. Rather than talk about that event — and it happened a long time ago — I want to talk about the effect. Only recently did I understand better why that event hit me so hard.

My editing on Major General Boles’ book, 4-3-2-1 Leadership, taught me a lot about leadership. And General Boles says that the one critical component for leadership is trust. Those who are led must be able to trust their leader, and the leader has to build that trust and maintain it. General Boles lists reasons that teams don’t trust leaders, and one reason is if someone has been burned early on in his or her career, that person is scarred significantly by that breech of trust.

That describes my experience. New to grad school, find a mentor I trusted, and kapowie — huge knock to my gut. So how does one heal from that kind of experience?


2 responses to “WRT 101 writing practice

  1. How I enjoyed the image of your metaphor with the dust cloud of chalk poofing out into the air under the force of the wind blown on my hands.. The wind took hold and made everything clear except only on the surface.
    That is so much the trouble with the metaphor ,: they suffer from multi-munificence.. Who speaks for the truth, for our interpretation of what is going on is simply that, our interpretation.”Yea for us” and our desire to share our points of view. Actually, the dust is the remnant of a cloud, ever expandingand becoming less dense. It is replaced by nothingness, excepty for new ideas, hopefully. The dust is set in motion by the ethereal winds of our universe which gives rise to understanding by thoughtful peoplle eactly like Rebecca. and of course, like you.

    We find beauty in the words of our fellow travelers but we try to Twist) them, oops, I mean” artfully arrange” them so they please our sense of symmetry.for ourselves..

    Why am I writing to you, perhaps you may have asked. I am gathering up my writings and when I came upon your mention of Rebecca’s book, I was being a bit nostalgic. That, and I am slowly slipping away from a dege nerative brain disease which prompts me to think more about the living part of my life and not the ending part. M y best wishes to you

    who spea

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful and beautifully written comments. I am inspired by your decision “to think more about the living part” of your life, and I wish you much healing through your writing, which has given me comfort. Thank you.

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