WRT 101 writing practice #5

OK, so I’m doing exactly what I asked writers NOT to do, which is to do two writing practices in one day. I asked that writers do writing practices each day, but I’m behind, and I leave tomorrow morning at 7 for classes, and I know I won’t do a writing practice tomorrow morning before that.

I’m going to choose “solitude” for my last prompt of the week.

Solitude feeds my soul. I need time every day to be still, to meditate, to slow everything down. I don’t always take that time. Since I moved to Tucson two months ago, I’ve had less solitude. I now live next door to my youngest sister, and we share a lot of time together — coffee in the morning, dinner. I’m glad that I can do this now. But I also notice that I need to be sure to take alone time, so I can use solitude to keep my heart, head, and soul on straight.

Solitude in nature — when things were tough growing up, I used to take off and find an empty field, plop myself down in the grass, and watch the birds. Seemed to put all the family drama in perspective. At least for a little while.


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