WRT 101 writing practice #4

leaving — I’ve written on this prompt before, and I’ve written recently about my mom’s leaving — hard to write about this because I’m not sure who or what is leaving. That is — my mom has dementia, probably Alzheimer’s, although we’ve never gotten a firm diagnosis because my mom refused to finish the testing. She doesn’t believe anything is wrong. Huge denial.

So my mom is leaving. We’re all leaving life as soon as we’re born, eh? But dementia is a particular kind of leaving — is the person leaving his or her brain or is that person’s brain leaving him or her?

I’m not even sure that’s a helpful question. All I know is that my mom’s brain does not process information the way it used to. So how does that have anything to do with leaving? I guess because my mom has left the familiar — so much in her world is no longer recognizable. And so much language has left her.

She no longer likes rain, clouds, or lizards — all things she used to like.

How else does my mom’s illness relate to leaving?


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