WRT 101 writing practice #3

best and worst writing experience — One of my best writing experiences is a recent one. I started working with someone last fall — a person who was writing a book and was maybe one-third done. This person hired me to edit the book. I’ve done a good bit of editing over the years, but I’ve been working the last year to build an editing business. From last October until this June, I worked with this writer so that he could finish his book, and it was published this past June. I am really proud of the work we did together, and I like the book — I like the ideas this person presents, I like his voice and his humor. I worked hard on this project, and I learned a lot. Working with a writer to the finish line has been an immensely satisfying experience.

Worst experience — The one that sticks in my memory is when I showed an early draft of a short story to someone who then ripped the story to shreds. Ouch. Another experience that just popped into my head was from graduate school. I wrote a paper for a theory course and was creative with the paper. The professor told me that using that kind of creativity was really not the kind of graduate work needed. OK — I’m not explaining this really well. Academic writing requires a certain style, and unfortunately, I’ve found a lot of academic writing that isn’t all that clear — or that interesting. Hmmm. I think that’s five minutes.


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