WRT 101 writing practice #2

Stars. Stars. Stars. Maybe the coolest thing I learned  about stars was at the Smithsonian Museum, the Air and Space Museum. I remember being in Washington D.C. by myself, and I visited the Air and Space Museum and watched an IMAX movie back when the technology was new. I remember feeling vertigo during a good bit of the film. But what stuck with me was this: we are all made of stars.

Sounds poetic. And there’s science behind it. I was struck by the poetry. Reminds me of a quote by Ada Byron Lovelace, who helped birth the first computer. A lover of math, Ada complained to her exacting mom, “”You will not concede me philosophical poetry. Invert the order! Will you give me poetical philosophy, poetical science?” I love how science and art combine.

I’ve strayed from the stars. I admit it — I googled this question: “Are we made of stars?” Lots of hits. Here’s a cool one from Physics Central.

I’ve cheated on this writing practice because I keep wandering over to the web and checking things out. Also, I’m very conscious that writers in my classes might read my writing practice. Hmmmm. And now I haven’t even written about stars.


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