seriously blogged up

This is what I get for not reading my chosen blog regularly — a clogged backlog of blog. I’m daring anyone to say that five times fast.

Carl Zimmer has been busy since the last time I posted about his blog, The Loom, at Discover Magazine. There’s way too much to catch up on, so I’ll graze. Most current post (6 Oct.) discusses Nobel prize disputes. I like this:

…I tend to steer clear of Nobel controversies, because I think the prize is, by definition, a lousy way to recognize important science. All the rules about having to be alive to win it, about how there can be no more than three winners–along with the lack of prizes for huge swaths of important scientific disciplines–make these kinds of disputes both inevitable and tedious.

I’d add the lack of women and people of color as prize winners to the problems. (See my blog posting listing women Nobel prize winners in science.)

Then there’s this tantalizing post (16 Sept. 2011) entitled “Eye Versus Camera” that begins, “Metaphors are essential to writing about science.” I thought I’d get a substantive discussion, but Zimmer uses metaphor to distinguish the ways the eye works differently from the camera in order to discuss how technology is helping humans to overcome blindness. His post leads to his column for Discover. I should keep on reviewing The Loom, but I want to go read that article. Too enticing.


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