giant flatulent raccoon

How many times will I ever have the opportunity to have a blog entry title like this one?

I’ve subscribed to Carl Zimmer’s blog, The Loom, which he writes for Discover Magazine. The RSS feed shows up in Google+ or iGoogle, but since I don’t usually go to that page, I wonder how I’ll get the updates? I need to change my browsing habits. Sigh. I already spent a bit of time this morning how to group tabs in Firefox, and I’m not sure it’s going to make my work on the web more efficient. We’ll see.

Zimmer’s first posting discusses his being interviewed in a Scientific American podcast about evolution in New York City. But the first posting was eclipsed by the second: Ann Coulter Nostalgia: Behold, For *I* Am the Giant, Flatulent Raccoon. Sad commentary on our public discourse that Zimmer has to put a warning to commenters that postings discussing Coulter’s appearance will not be allowed. At any rate, Zimmer discusses Coulter’s book Godless and does a fine job of pointing out her fallacies. So I wonder to what extent our current science illiteracy has to do with folks like Ann Coulter — pundits who misrepresent and misunderstand science. And what is the payoff for ignoring science?


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