I’m pretty sure I have my semester-long project. Didn’t expect to do this, but it feels right. I hope. OK, so here goes … I have long wondered what the extraction of petroleum does to the Earth — to the planet Earth. My suspicion is that it has contributed to global warming. I’ve even tried a few searches but with no success. Here’s my thought: petroleum must act something like the fat in our bodies. OK, I’m not even going to try and spin that analogy out. But if you view the Earth as a body, then what part does petroleum play in the functioning of that body?

Here’s the part I’m not sure I’ll like — this topic means a lot of research into geology, petroleum engineering. Not topics I thought I’d be spending a lot of time with. But if I want to stick with this idea — and I do — because it’s a question that’s bugged me for a long time — then it’s off to geology journals I go.


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