poem on Poetryfoundation.org

I found Carolyn Kizer’s “Food of Love.” Can’t remember how I stumble on it. Here’s the first stanza:

I’m going to murder you with love;
I’m going to suffocate you with embraces;
I’m going to hug you, bone by bone,
Till you’re dead all over.
Then I will dine on your delectable marrow.
Chilling, eh? But the whole poem contrast opulence and decay — devouring — desert and ocean. A powerful image of the cycle of love that can devour.

2 responses to “poem on Poetryfoundation.org

  1. I remember how you stumbled on this, you probably got it after reading my page! 😉


    Anyway, just wanted to say good choice.

  2. OK, so not even close. I soooooooo did not find this poem from your page. It is a strange one, eh?

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