Storm’s choice

I can’t figure out if Storm’s parents are practicing brilliant parenting, or if they’re whole project is irresponsible.

I worry about the kids. Also, would Storm’s parents ever make this choice if their kids went to public schools. Is such gender flexibility only possible in private schools — and don’t private schools tend to cater to more homogenous groups?

I applaud the idealism. I worry about the practical effects on Jazz and Kio — we know they’re boys, even though their names aren’t gender-specific. Jazz talks about being bothered by questions about gender, even as he chooses to wear pink.

Even though this article seems to cater to sensationalism, it brings up huge and complex points.


One response to “Storm’s choice

  1. I agree that the responsibility of this “decision” is questionable..I am concerned for the child on a social level and personality development level, concerned that her/his ability to function and participate in life and society without complex psychological issues setting in( BECAUSE of the parents “making sure Storm has the right to choose.”) I am also concerned that the childs’ psyche may be irreparably damaged as she/he builds his/her personality… experiences from birth to 5 decide so many things about a childs psyche…

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