dancing, clapping valves

Just saw an echochardiogram of B.’s heart post-surgery — the valves look as if they’re dancing and clapping. I didn’t see the pre-surgery echocardiogram, but apparently the valves were like tissue paper, and they floated. One leaflet on the mitral valve was too short to close properly. And blood whooshed back into the heart chamber. The valve should close properly so no blood gushes back. The sound also changes drastically depending on the amount of blood that’s not getting pushed through. B. said his heart sounded like a ball peen hammer striking metal — so loud. Now, there’s a smooth rhythm waiting for a melody.

Mitral valve repaired, tricuspid valve repaired, aortic valve replaced. And less than 48 hours after surgery, B. has all wires but one removed, and he’s walking and rarin’ to get out of here. Stellar. Galactic heart change.


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