parts of a heart

I don’t understand the heart. OK, I just haven’t studied it in a very long time. I know there’s an aorta somewhere, a couple of ventricles. But that’s about it. Is it strange to know so little about something so vital?

So here goes. The heart.

I found this image here: and I like it because it’s all My-Little-Pony pink.

What’s not to like? A cute unicorn. No blood. Yeah!

I’m avoiding the topic. I’m not the one getting the blessed surgery, so what’s my problem? It’s gotta be that slight tendency to faint at the sight of blood. Thanks, Dad.

B. needs three valves attended to. It’s possible that only one will need to be replaced (the mitral valve, I think) and two others can be repaired, but one of the others might also need to be replaced. The pulmonary valve is the only one that can stay as is. It’s not perfect, but it’ll do.

I like this animated video on YouTube about how the heart works:

And this next YouTube video shows exactly what will happen during B.’s surgery. Still animated. Thank you very much.


One response to “parts of a heart

  1. Really Our heart works fantastic, No machine can work this type of pumping activities in our body.

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